Engineers Day Open House

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) involves all aspects of the generation, control, and use of electrical and electromagnetic energy. This field has played a dominant role in the Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century: Electrification, Electronics, Radio and Television, Computers, Telephone, Internet, Household Appliances, and Laser and Fiber Optics are all fruits of work in this field. The role of this field continues to expand: wireless communications, commodity supercomputing, digital imaging, and nanotechnology are just a few of the exciting new technologies that electrical and computer engineers are developing.

The goal of National Engineers Week, February 20-26, 2011, is to make it easier for the general public to recognize and appreciate the contributions that engineering has made to the improvement of our lives. Toward this goal, the University of Kentucky College of Engineering sets aside one day each year to celebrate the excitement and accomplishments of engineering. Thus, although the ECE department welcomes visitors at any time, we have arranged a variety of special activities for UK's EDay, February 26, 2011... as summarized below.

A Note About The New Building

Some of you may be aware that there is now a second building in UK's Digital Technology Village: the Davis Marksbury Building. Various Electrical and Computer Engineering and Center for Visualization & Virtual Environments faculty and labs will be located in this building. Move-in should start around February 1, 2011, but the building will not be fully occupied until later in the semester. Thus, it is not expected to be open for tours on Engineer's Day 2011....

ECE Digital Camera Giveaway!

This year the ECE department will give away a digital camera (make and model not yet decided) to a randomly selected qualified person who completed a self-guided EDay tour of ECE labs. The rules:

  1. To enter, you must be at least 10 years old and be a potential future UK ECE undergraduate student -- which implies that you are willing to register and receive student recruiting information. Only one entry per person.
  2. You can pick-up a "tour sheet" from any of the ECE exhibits listed below. As you visit each exhibit, be sure to have an exhibit staffer place a visit sticker on your tour sheet. Don't worry about spending a long time in an exhibit that interests you -- bonus stickers can be given for extended discussions.
  3. When you have collected at least 7 stickers, bring your tour sheet to 453 FPAT (the ECE main office) to get your 8th sticker and turn in your sheet.
  4. The winner will be randomly selected from the completed forms at the close of EDay, and the digital camera will be sent to the address provided.

ECE Exhibits and Activities, 9:00AM-1:00PM February 26, 2011

The following research and teaching laboratories have prepared exhibits and/or other activites for EDay 2011. The tour sheet described above also contains a map and directions to help you find each of the ECE exhibits.

Entries listed with a * are confirmed; those with a * are confirmed and new; those with a * are not yet confirmed.

Location Title Additional Info
Entry, FPAT* You can pick up ECE tour sheets here (or in any ECE exhibit)
682 FPAT* Computational Electromagentics Demonstration of using computer programs to model electromagnetic wave scattering and antenna radiation problems; imaging objects behind walls
672 FPAT* Supercomputers R Us See the HAK supercomputer and other technologies from Aggregate.Org; FREE stuff!
672 FPAT* Seeing The World Through Colored Glasses Computational photography and digital camera tricks, demonstrations of 3D capture and display using anaglyphs from Aggregate.Org; use your camera to capture 3D images!
651 FPAT* EDRL (Electronic Devices Research Laboratory) Prof. Singh
581 FPAT* Digital Design Lab An undergraduate computer engineering lab
577 FPAT* Closed Note: the Senior Project exhibits have been moved to 462 FPAT
571 FPAT* ISS Operations Lab Prof. Jim Lumpp; Watch astronauts performing experiments LIVE on the International Space Station on our six screen ISS Console Station, where students monitor and support efforts on the ISS.
570 FPAT* Power Demos Hardware demo: using testing device to test protective relays; software demo: transients analysis, power flow analysis, power dynamic analysis, fault analysis, etc. using real world utility systems
559 FPAT* Spacecraft Design Lab Prof. Jim Lumpp; Visit where University of Kentucky students build and test small satellites in our "clean room" and view actual space hardware on display that was designed and built in the lab. Kids who visit the lab will receive a free souvenir that actually flew in space aboard the ISS.
553 FPAT* KySat Satellite Earth Station Prof. Jim Lumpp; Come and talk to a satellite (and hear one talk to you)... KYSat-1 launch is the 23rd, so live ground tracks and telemetry are expected!
473 FPAT* IEEE Student Branch building simple circuits The IEEE Student Branch will be helping people learn to build simple circuits
467 FPAT* IEEE Robot Showcase Prof. Regina Hannemann
465 FPAT* Rattle and Hum -- Fun with Digital Audio Prof. Jens Hannemann
462 FPAT* ECE Senior Design Projects Come see some of the things undergraduate seniors are doing.
Note: this is a change from the earlier schedule, moving from 577 FPAT
453 FPAT* ECE Main Office Turn-in your tour sheets here, get info
453F FPAT* Share or Not to Share: how to ensure privacy and security in video sharing applications Prof. Cheung
455 FPAT* 3D Scanning Prof. Hassebrook will be making 3D scans
369 ASTeCC* CeNSE (Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering) CeNSE tours of the lab facility and research posters
365 ASTeCC* CeNSE (Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering) CeNSE tours of the lab facility and research posters
361 ASTeCC* CeNSE (Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering) CeNSE tours of the lab facility and research posters
119 RMB* Welding Research Laboratory Applications of high speed image and adaptive intelligent control systems; laser welding and materials processing system; welding robot

Electrical and Computer Engineering