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Samsung SyncMaster 192T
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TR2TT's TR2-M4 X Blower Heatsink/Fan
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You can trust the MEMORY EXPERTS! Free Shipping!

TR2TT's TR2-M4 X Blower Heatsink/Fan

TR2TT is a Thermaltake company making its name known with CPU coolers. The TR2-M4 is very similar in design to the Cooler Master Aero 7 coolers. Check out the review to see how the "X Blower" HSF performs.

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VisionTek Xtasy 9800 Pro 128MB
If you want one of the highest performing graphics cards on the market today, you basically hav ...
Samsung SyncMaster 192T
While not specifically aimed at gamers the 19" Samsung SyncMaster 192T still manages not only t ...
Cooler Master Aero 7 Lite CPU Cooler Review
The Cooler Master Aero 7 Lite is lighter, cheaper, and best of all, actually performs better to ...
Antec Performance Plus 660AMG
Quiet and attractive, the 660AMG from Antec delivers in more ways than one. Need a good looking ...
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More Monday Mail Box - 25 August @ 10:21 EST by shanewu - 0 comments
XTrac Zoom Mouse Pad Review @ EOC
Mousing surfaces can be a big deal to the extreme gamer, especially in first person games where accuracy and precision is important. There are many types of mouse pads out there. Some are made of plastic, aluminum, and even glass. There are many different aspects that make a mouse pad good besides controlling the mouse. Durability, size, and maintenance are all factors that should be taken into consideration when buying a pad.

Cobalt3 Pyramid V+ Fan Controller Review @ The Tech Zone
"Back when I started to get into the technical side of computers, the louder your computer was, the better it was. Well, perhaps not a true correlation, but it certainly was the general impression amongst people: "Wow, his computer is so fast and so hot it needs all those fans screaming away!" However, this craze has gradually died down, in favour of quieter PC's for both the normal user and overclocker. "

Monday AM Mail Box - 25 August @ 06:25 EST by Scott - 0 comments
Digit-Life Review: Connect3D RADEON 9800 PRO 256MB, Connect3D RADEON 9600 PRO 128MB Connect3D RADEON 9600 128MB Connect3D RADEON 9200 128MB on ATI RADEON 9200/9600/9600 PRO/9800 PRO
"In general, the cards perform quite well as compared to their competitors. They have both victories and lost battles. But I can't say that one or another RADEON or GeForce FX can be considered an undoubted champion. It's for you to decide and make the choice. I'd complain about so poor accessory packs and miserable retail packages. But some mass media sources shows with their poll results that many of those who buy cards of even High-End level don't care much about the packages. I can't agree with them, but it's my own opinion."

Noise Isolator Water Cooling Components
"I first became aware of the Noise Isolator name when I purchased one of their fan controllers. They also have a line of water-cooling components, and we have them here for review. The Noise Isolator water-cooling line up consists of their Glacial 120mm radiator, the Icicle dual mount P4/AMD water block, a round acrylic reservoir and a hard drive cooler. Illustrated instructions and hardware are included. After some detail on each component, I’ll add a pump and do some flow tests before installing it on my test system."

Thermaltake Volcano 11+ and X-Blower Review @
Thermaltake has been making its Volcano line of enthusiast heatsinks for a few years now, and today we'll be taking a look at Thermaltake's newest addition to this line; the Volcano 11+ Xaser Edition. It's a full-copper, 80mm heatsink for the AMD Socket A platform we're all familiar with, and includes a nice SmartFan II on top to keep it cool.

Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu review
"The heatsink itself is huge, about the size of a CD-ROM in circumference. For tight cases where the PSU is right on top of the mobo the 7000A-Cu may not fit. Also, at 773 grams the 7000A-Cu is well over the maximum limits specified by AMD (300g for XP's, 450g for A64's) and Intel (450g). Take care when moving a computer with this beast installed... The base comes lapped to a mirror polish, but if you run your fingernail across it you can feel the ridges of the many fins compressed together to form the base."

Aerocool El Badge Review
"This is definitely a one-of-a-kind product. However I expect others will be close behind with similar offerings. The AeroCool El Badge may not appeal to everyone, but is guaranteed to draw attention to your PC and make it stand out from the crowd. The El Badge proved easy to install, generates virtually no heat and will add dramatic lighting affects to your PC. "

Zalman ZM80C-HP VGA Heatpipe Cooler
"Zalman is a recognized leader in the PC industry for their line of innovative noise prevention cooling products. Today we are taking an in-depth look at Zalman’s latest fan less video card cooler, the ZM80C-HP. This massive, dual heatsink cooler incorporates a heatpipe and is designed to cool the graphics processing unit (GPU) on today’s hottest video cards. Zalman also offers a silent fan option that can be attached to the ZM80C-HP for addition cooling."

Saturday AM Round UP - 23 August @ 09:47 EST by Scott - 0 comments
More USB LED Mods @ MHW

"I decided I could do it better, cheaper, faster and especially cheaper. I went to K&J Electronics in Westminster, Ca – a fine source for all your bits and pieces, and bought two hi-intensity 5mm 3.5v LED’s for about 5 bucks a piece. Then I wondered about how to step down the power from a Molex to run them … but since I am a lazy guy that would be too much work so I decided to take my power from the internal USB extension pins."

Coolermaster Aero 7+ CPU cooler Review at 3dXtreme
"The quiet noise level, ease of installation, choice of front or rear fan speed control and the superb performance make this a top notch cooler in my book. If you're in need of a new HSF for that high end AMD gaming rig, with the Coolermaster Aero 7+ you wont be disappointed...."

Enermax CS-517LBFS-B+ Mid-Tower Case

"Today, we’ll look at the very interesting Enermax CS-517LBFS-B+ steel (front bezel manufactured of aluminum) Mid-Tower case. I say interesting, because it has the glossiest automotive type finish I’ve seen on any case, plus a slew of innovative and downright cool features, not to mention the low suggested retail price of around $ 80.00 US, and that includes a power supply."

Voided News ( RheoBus, Version 2.5)

"I use the phone a lot while I am working on the computer. With my 120mm, 90mm and 2x80mm fans I have a hard time hearing clients or friends. The Rheobus fan controller allows me to quickly turn my fans down to a quiet speed."

Albatron GeForce FX5200 Ultra at Dukgamers
The first thing that strikes you about the FX5200 Ulta is how long it is, it's roughly 1/2" longer than a 128MB Radeon 9800 Pro card, the card is also quite heavy due to the copper heatsink on the core and large heatsinks on both the front and back memory modules.

Univ of Kentucky Supercomputer Breaks The $100 Per GFLOPS Barrier Press Release
The remarkable thing about KASY0's price/performance is that, while network hardware is often the dominant cost for a system of its size (128 plus 4 spare nodes), less than 11% of the system cost went for the network hardware. The AMD Athlon XP 2600+ processors were more than 35% of the total system cost; memory was 21%. Even more significantly, the network design technology that made this possible can be applied with similar benefit to cluster supercomputers with thousands of nodes. KLAT2's network was the world's first Flat Neighborhood Network; the enhanced version used for KASY0 is the world's first Sparse Flat Neighborhood Network (SFNN). KASY0 also is the first supercomputer to have its physical node and switch placement optimized by a computer program. FNN design technology and tools have been freely available and used by various other groups; so too will the new SFNN technology be freely available.

The Gateway/NVIDIA "Cinematic Computing Experience" - 22 August @ 18:40 EST by Scott - 0 comments
NVIDIA and Gateway are working together to promote new gaming PCs including the Gateway 500S, featuring a 128MB NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200G Ultra and the Gateway 700X featuring a 256MB NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900G Ultra.


WHAT: Participating Gateway stores nationwide will be hosting stunning in-store demonstrations of the latest graphics cards by NVIDIA Corp., the world-leader in visual processing solutions. NVIDIA product specialists will showcase the hottest advancements in graphics technology within the world of gaming, entertainment and education with interactive presentations.

Register here: to reserve your spot at the "Cinematic Computing Experience" and win three amazing products from courtesy of
FREE NVIDIA/BATTLEFIELD 1942 t-shirt for all attendees.

WHEN: Wednesday, August 27th through Tuesday, September 16th
6:00-6:30 p.m. Registration
6:30-7:30 p.m. NVIDIA presentation and raffle drawing


August 27th San Diego, CA

September 2nd Orland Park, IL

September 3rd Maple Shade, NJ

September 3rd Downers Grove, IL

September 3rd Mission Viejo, CA

September 4th Eatontown, NJ

September 4th Glendale, CA

September 4th Aurora, IL

September 8th Altamonte Springs, FL

September 9th Fort Myers, FL

September 10th Sarasota, FL

September 10th Marietta, GA

September 11th Duluth, GA

September 15th Braintree, MA

September 16th Hyannis, MA

Friday PM Mail Box - 22 August @ 16:47 EST by Scott - 0 comments
Digit-Life News: Photo of the day: ABIT's KT600-based KV7 in our test lab
"A new mainboard in our test lab — ABIT's KT600-based KV7 for AMD-K7 Athlon/ AthlonXP/ Barton (FSB 200/266/333/400 MHz). It is worth mentioning special, so to say 'brand-specific' technologies featuring the bord: SoftMenu, FanEQ, MaxFID, CPU ThermalGuard, TweakGuard."

ATI TV Wonder VE Remote Control Edition Review @

"Having a product that is cheap and so easy to install, the ATI TV Wonder Remote Control Edition is by far a great buy. For ~US$75, you can compliment your videocard with a whole multimedia suite that is simple to use and proven to work flawlessly. As I have said before, once you have TV on your computer, you will never be without it again."

OCZ EL DDR PC3700 Premier Dual Channel @ Viper Lair
"As we approached the higher speeds, we had a booting issue, and we've had to increase the memory voltage up to a big 2.9 to maintain stability. At 3-4-8-4, we managed a maximum over clock of 488MHz, but the ram fails the Memtest86 tests. Clocking back down to 16MHz (472 MHz DDR) resolved the problem."

Our Latest Review: VisionTek Xtasy 9800 Pro 128MB - 22 August @ 11:42 EST by shanewu - 0 comments
The last time we looked at a VisionTek product the company was still selling NVIDIA-based video cards. Now, they are selling ATi-powered cards though, and I got the chance to review their 128MB Xtasy 9800 Pro.

As expected, it's an awesome performer. I compared it to the recently reviewed MSI 5900. The bundle is pretty sparse, but the card makes up for the lack of goodies with its great performance.

To read the review, click here!

NVIDIA Announces Dismissal of Class Action Securities Litigation - 22 August @ 09:16 EST by Scott - 0 comments
SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug 22, 2003 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via Comtex/ -- NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), today announced the United States District Court for the Northern District of California has approved the dismissal of the consolidated securities class action lawsuit against NVIDIA. As previously announced, this lawsuit arose out of NVIDIA's announcement on February 14, 2002 that it was conducting an internal investigation of certain accounting matters and its subsequent net positive restatement of financial statements for the periods February 15, 2000 through February 14, 2002.

The court's action yesterday follows its ruling on June 12, 2003 dismissing with prejudice all of the claims arising from NVIDIA's restatement of its financial results. Plaintiff's requested the dismissal of their remaining claims and the court ordered the dismissal with prejudice as to the lead plaintiffs.

Gigabyte 7NNXP nFORCE 2 MB @ - 21 August @ 11:36 EST by MissinLynx - 0 comments
Well I must say I really like the Gigabyte boards, their colour, layout and overall design and features really appeal to me. This is their top-of-the-line nForce2 MB and the price reflects this, but for the price you really get a great MB with a tonne of features... there's SATA, external SATA bracket, RAID 0/1, 0+1, GigaLAN, 10/100 LAN, 4 USB 2.0, 6.1 sound system, 6 phase power, 4 DDR slots, Dual BIOS, alll the cables you could think off and a very neatly designed and colourful MB.

This is a review with some very high rez images so you can see exactly what all the fuss is about, check it out here

9 nVidia based FX cards reviewed @ NordicHardware - 21 August @ 10:29 EST by MissinLynx - 0 comments
Well Nordics' been quiet for a while but I guess this is why, it takes a long time to bench and test 9 graphics cards. They have a 5200 Ultra, a 5600, 3 - 5600 Ultra's, 3 - 5900's and a 5900 Ultra. Cards are from ABIT, Creative, Gainward and Inno3D and are compared against the Radeon 9600 Pro, 9800 and 9800 Pro.

A good review giving you a very comprehensive idea of the full FX line, only missing the 5200 non-ultra. If you're thinking FX in the near future this review could help you decided which one fits your budget and performance needs. Read it here

AMD 64 Commercial - 21 August @ 10:20 EST by Scott - 0 comments
Here is a commercial for the new AMD 64 Athlon. I am getting excited about this new CPU and can't wait to play with one.

Thursday AM Mail Box - 21 August @ 10:02 EST by Scott - 0 comments
Digit-Life Review: ASUS V9950 Ultra (NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900 Ultra) Video Card Review. Extremal Overclocking
"This is a strong, powerful, reliable, high-quality and well overclockable solution (at least, this sample). Such accelerator can offer you high 3D performance, DX9 support and good cooling. But remember that such cards nearly lock the first PCI slot (although the cooler is not that thick). Such cards are actually identical as they use the reference design. The companies can attract users with coolers, packages and accessories. But the price is the most vital."

Digit-Life News: More details on Prescott processors and the Grantsdale family
"As you know, Prescott's crystal size will make 109.1mm? instead of
Northwood's 131.4mm? due to 90nm process instead of the 0.13m technology. This time the company won't have to change the wafer size like it had to do while transiting to 0.13m process (from 200mm to 300mm wafers). Prescott clock speeds will start from 3.4GHz to reach 4GHz in 2004. According to provisional estimations, Tejas chips will be launched in Q4 2004 with 4.4GHz+ clock speeds. By that time Prescott might reach 4.0-4.2GHz."

Spire CopperStream P4 Cooler Review at 3dXtreme
"Using a single piece copper base with many skived fins creating lots of surface area and a quiet cooler to whisk the heat away. Again, we've seen this design many times before in the AMD market usually sporting a 7000 RPM fan that will deafen most people. Spire is able to deliver this similar design to the Intel crowd without the 700 RPM fan...."

Building an AMD Based Computer System
"Building your first computer system can be a daunting task. With the help of this guide and our forum members, we can help you get on your way to building this computer and many more in the future. This guide will help you decide what type of computer you want, what components you need, and what software to need to run on your system to suit your needs. You’ll need to decide which parts are right for you and decide how you’re going to use your system. "

MSI CR-52M 52/32/52 CD-R/W Review
Our very own Andy takes the newest optical storage drive from MSI and puts it through the paces. CD-R/W speeds are climbing at an amazing rate, and soon it won't be long before they start putting them back into a caddy so they won't just explode during use. Ok, so maybe that's a little far fetched, but I don't think that little disc of plastic can take much more!

Biostar launched i848 motherboard
It seems that Biostar has silently launched a new motherboard based on the cheap i848 chipset. The i848 is basically a stripped down and cheaper version of the Springdale chipset, without dual channel memory support. But motherboards based on it do support Intel his upcoming CPU, the Prescott.

Palit Daytona GeForceFX 5200 Ultra review
"This being my first experience with a GeForceFX video card I am pretty impressed. I was not expecting to be blown away by a GeForceFX 5200 Ultra and I was not. This is a really good low end/budget video card which can still perform up there with a GeForce 4 Ti4200. I really like the purple PCB and the fact that the card has S-Video and a DVI connection which can be absent in a lot of budget cards. I would have liked to see a better software bundle and some more accessories provided with the card but that would have raised the price of the card."

Asus V9950 Ultra Videocard Review @ - 20 August @ 23:52 EST by MissinLynx - 0 comments
PCStats has up their review of the FX 5900 Ultra offering from Asus.

"All FX 5900 Ultra's are fast, that's a given. Thankfully for enthusiasts out there, the test sample was also an awesome overclocker! Hitting 531 MHz core and 1.02 GHz on the memory is simply unbelievable! The benchmarks certainly loved those overclocked videocard!"

read the rest of the review

IOSS RD1 Bios Saviour review @ - 20 August @ 23:14 EST by MissinLynx - 0 comments
If you've been unfortunate enough to have had a failed BIOS flash operation or a corupted BIOS, then this product could be a worth while investment.

" Ever flashed your BIOS before? If you are anything like us it’s for sure you have done it at least once, if not dozens of times, either because of CPU compatibility issues or just because you want to keep up with the latest release from your motherboard manufacturer in hope of getting some extra tweak-ability. Now what would happen if the flashing process failed for any reason? You know this may happen to you, but this time it happened to me, I was left alone in the cold with a corrupt BIOS and no possible way of booting."

read the whole review here

Wednesday PM Mail Box - 20 August @ 22:08 EST by shanewu - 0 comments
Zalman CNPS7000A-ALCU Cooler (Socket 478/462/754) Video Review
"The Zalman CNPS7000A-ALCU Cooler is the revised version of their 7000 model which only supported the Socket 478/754 whereas this model fits the Socket 478/462/754. So no matter what setup you have this cooler should fit perfectly. Also, this product is extremely quiet but still offers great cooling performance. Watch the Video to find out more..."

DVD to DVDR: step by step article @ Short-Media
"This tutorial is focused on getting retail Digital Video Discs to archive on DVDR media. Within the tutorial, the necessary instructions, pictures, and programs will be written, posted, and linked to successfully make replicas of your purchased DVDs."

WHAT: EA Games, in conjunction with NVIDIA, today announced the release of the "Command & Conquer™ Generals" playable demo. The never-before-released demo for the top-selling real-time strategy game of the year lets gamers experience the action of modern warfare on a state-of-the-art battleground, brought to life in stunning detail, when played on PCs equipped with NVIDIA GeForce FX graphics processors. The demo gives gamers an opportunity to experience C&C Generals prior to the release of the forthcoming expansion pack “Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour”, slated for release later this Fall.

WHEN: The 412 MB demo is available exclusively for download beginning at 12PM PST today at <>.

DETAILS: C&C Generals leverages the power of NVIDIA GeForce FX GPUs to elevate the best-selling game series to new heights with unbelievable performance with exciting 3D visual effects. C&C Generals takes advantage advanced 3D features on the NVIDIA GeForce FX GPUs to bring urban cityscapes, rugged deserts and frozen wastelands to life.

Available worldwide, C&C Generals also carries the "NVIDIA: The Way It's Meant to Be Played" seal on its retail packaging, advertisements, advising gamers on how to get the ultimate Command & Conquer experience through unmatched compatibility, stability and reliability and unsurpassed visual fidelity.

Aug 25, 2003

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