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ATHLON XP 1700 + Combo w/ crucial pc2100 ddr ram $125.008/25/2003
XP 1700+ T-bred (version B) $50.008/19/2003
Twinmos/CH5 pc3200 2x512mb (5 comments) $200.008/19/2003
Belkin 4-port router (pictures) $30.008/15/2003
JVC RX-705VTN surround amp (NIB with warranty) $30.008/13/2003
QUAD 303 power amp $100 (7/10 condition) $100.008/13/2003
HD cooler (new, dual fans, installed below HD) $4.008/13/2003
Thermaltake volcano 6Cu (NIB) $6.008/13/2003
PC133 128 MB SD RAM !!! (pictures) $20.008/13/2003
Millennium Glaciator II Pure copper HSF $10.008/13/2003
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The ATi Radeon 9600 Pro
by RAutrey on 6/17/2003
This is the second card at the $170.00 price point that we have looked at in as many weeks. Is it worthy of receiving the torch from the 9500 Pro? Lets find out.
...Cards based upon 9600 technology represent a different approach when compared to that of the 9500 predecessors. ATi opted to base RV350 cards on a design independent of the R350 (9800) VPU. While the RV350 is comprised of much of the same core technology as the R350 (or R300 for that matter), this is not a situation where ATi is simply taking their flagship VPU and disabling half of the pipelines and/or reducing the clock speeds and giving it a 128-bit memory architecture. ... [read more]
NVIDIA's GeForce FX 5600
by RAutrey on 6/6/2003
NVIDIA's lasted midrange offering may be just what you are looking for. Weighing in at just under $170.00, the price is right but is the performance?
...Beyond the negativity, NV30 based products bring an impressive DirectX 9.0 capable feature set. NVIDIA's recent introduction of the Detonator FX driver series seems to have fixed the IQ issues. There has also been some recent activity in the community that in and of itself may inspire many to take another look at a GeForce FX solution. This activity is what I have come to call "The DOOM III Factor". ... [read more]
Overclocking the ATi 9500 Pro
by RAutrey on 5/21/2003
The 9500 Pro has proven for many to be a mean little overclocker. "How to" resources are plentiful but they are not consolidated into a single article. Lets see what we can do to change that.
...As a budget minded user, I always consider the price to performance ratio when purchasing new computer hardware. A very important variable in this equation is the potential ability to squeeze additional performance out of critical components such as the CPU, memory or video card by overclocking. ... [read more]
Wednesday, August 27, 2003
nVIDIA Reference GeForceFX 5900 Ultra @ PCStats
by wojo at 5:43:29 AM
"As a consumer, I'm quite happy that nVIDIA is back in the game as well. Like the ever lasting Intel/AMD fight, if ATi or nVIDIA were ever to go under who would stop the victor from charging us through the nose for high end videocards? You think they're expensive now, just imagine if the world didn't have nVIDIA or ATi to counter each other!" [discuss] (0 comments)
PC3700 Corsair @ Hexus
by wojo at 5:42:40 AM
"The Samsung chips on this sample of XMS3700 do not like low latencies in any way, shape or form. Previous Corsair modules used premier Winbond BH chips, chips which didn't mind lower latencies if accompanied by lower speeds. These chips, however, would barely function at 2.5-3-3-7 at DDR400 speeds. That's not a major criticism, because the modules aren't required to do anything other than perform to specification, which they do without question." [discuss] (0 comments)
AMS e-Cube EG65 Barebones System Review @ OCAddiction
by wojo at 5:40:26 AM
"The upgraded design comes into play when you want to install your components. You've seen the handle on the top of the box, well it's held on with four machine screws. Simply removing the two front screws allows the entire top of the box to flip open via a hinge on the back." [discuss] (0 comments)
Tuesday, August 26, 2003
WD Raptor RAID Performance Article @ HardwareZone
by wojo at 6:03:42 AM
"The Western Digital Raptor is undoubtedly one of industry's fastest Serial ATA drive. Spinning at an incredible 10,000RPM, the drive is able to handle high data throughputs via its the new Serial ATA interface which is capable of delivering speeds of up to 150MB/s." [discuss] (0 comments)
Spire WhisperRock IV Review @ 3dXtreme
by wojo at 4:47:36 AM
"Overall the Spire WhisperRock IV performed very well with minimal fuss to install it. The Spire WhisperRock IV would be great to use for a system build requiring a quick and quiet application or to improve cooling performance over a stock AMD cooler..." [discuss] (0 comments)
iCute UV-Reactive Acrylic Case Stand Review @ TwistedMods.com
by wojo at 4:47:07 AM
"The stand itself consists of a clear/blue tinted acrylic material with an aluminum base. It has supports randomly placed throughout the structure to provide a solid foundation that will hold up to 120lbs. I tested this with a carefully calibrated weight, otherwise known as Josh Thompson, my fellow reviewer. That’s right; I could even put my matrix-style server on there and light it up under my desk! The unit has an indentation in its center to house the cathodes." [discuss] (0 comments)
Wireless: The Buffalo Way @ LAN Addict
by wojo at 4:46:38 AM
"Here at LAN Addict we have seen our fill of crap-tastic wireless hardware and it is a sigh of relief to finally get our hands on not just one excelent product but two high quality wireless peripherals that anyone interested in wireless technology should check out." [discuss] (0 comments)
Monday, August 25, 2003
XTrac Zoom Mouse Pad @ EOC
by RAutrey at 6:00:16 AM
"Mousing surfaces can be a big deal to the extreme gamer, especially in first person games where accuracy and precision is important. There are many types of mouse pads out there. Some are made of plastic, aluminum, and even glass. There are many different aspects that make a mouse pad good besides controlling the mouse. Durability, size, and maintenance are all factors that should be taken into consideration when buying a pad." [discuss] (0 comments)
SteelPad 4S - Gaming Mousepad @ KEPTech.net
by RAutrey at 5:59:27 AM
"The gaming community is growing at a very fast pace. In the case of online gaming, there is competition – very strong competition. With online First Person Shooter games, all the players want the best rig to run their game smoothly; the best sound system to strategically locate the enemies, and the best mouse to quickly and accurately target them. If you have ever played any first person shooter games, you’ll know that the mouse is almost as important as the computer." [discuss] (0 comments)
Zalman ZM-MFC1 Fan & Light Controller @ CoolTechZone
by RAutrey at 5:58:08 AM
"Zalman, as everyone knows, specializes in cooling products. They have researched and developed some of the best technologies that meet today’s cooling demand quite well. They manufacture quite a lot of different cooling gadgets. Not only they have carved their name in the cooling market but they have also made themselves famous in other products such as headphones and fan controllers. Today we had an opportunity to review one of Zalman’s fan and light controllers." [discuss] (0 comments)
Aerocool El Badge Review @ AMDMB
by RAutrey at 5:57:17 AM
"This is definitely a one-of-a-kind product. However I expect others will be close behind with similar offerings. The AeroCool El Badge may not appeal to everyone, but is guaranteed to draw attention to your PC and make it stand out from the crowd. The El Badge proved easy to install, generates virtually no heat and will add dramatic lighting affects to your PC." [discuss] (0 comments)
Intelforums Arctic Silver Ceramique Review and Comparison
by RAutrey at 5:56:30 AM
"We were very impressed with Arctic Silver's Ceramique overall. It is defiantly an improvement over previous Artic Silver offerings in that it offers slightly improved thermal conduction, and is non-conductive, meaning a lessened risk of shorting your processor (esp. an Athlon processor). As with previous Arctic Silver TIM offerings, it is heads and shoulders over the competition, once again showing us that they are the market leader in this field. If you are in the market for a safe and effective thermal compound, look no further!" [discuss] (0 comments)
More USB LED Mods @ MHW
by RAutrey at 5:55:36 AM
"I decided I could do it better, cheaper, faster and especially cheaper. I went to K&J Electronics in Westminster, Ca – a fine source for all your bits and pieces, and bought two hi-intensity 5mm 3.5v LED’s for about 5 bucks a piece. Then I wondered about how to step down the power from a Molex to run them … but since I am a lazy guy that would be too much work so I decided to take my power from the internal USB extension pins." [discuss] (0 comments)
Coolermaster Aero 7+ CPU cooler Review @ 3dXtreme
by RAutrey at 5:54:56 AM
"The quiet noise level, ease of installation, choice of front or rear fan speed control and the superb performance make this a top notch cooler in my book. If you're in need of a new HSF for that high end AMD gaming rig, with the Coolermaster Aero 7+ you wont be disappointed...." [discuss] (0 comments)
Sunbeam Acrylic Case Review @ CoolTechZone
by RAutrey at 5:54:08 AM
"Sunbeam is known for their modding gadgets. They certainly have some really awesome looking things like case fans, cases, lights and other fun stuff. CrazyPC was kind enough to send us Sunbeam’s Acrylic Case. Everyone nowadays wants a cool looking case that they can show off. Well, Sunbeam acrylic case is certainly a piece of art. Let’s see what sets this case apart from the rest of them." [discuss] (0 comments)
Univ of Kentucky Supercomputer Breaks The $100 Per GFLOPS Barrier Press Release @ AMDMB
by RAutrey at 5:53:13 AM
"The remarkable thing about KASY0's price/performance is that, while network hardware is often the dominant cost for a system of its size (128 plus 4 spare nodes), less than 11% of the system cost went for the network hardware. The AMD Athlon XP 2600+ processors were more than 35% of the total system cost; memory was 21%. Even more significantly, the network design technology that made this possible can be applied with similar benefit to cluster supercomputers with thousands of nodes. KLAT2's network was the world's first Flat Neighborhood Network; the enhanced version used for KASY0 is the world's first Sparse Flat Neighborhood Network (SFNN). KASY0 also is the first supercomputer to have its physical node and switch placement optimized by a computer program. FNN design technology and tools have been freely available and used by various other groups; so too will the new SFNN technology be freely available." [discuss] (0 comments)
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8/26/2003 6:36:31 AM
reached 900 members :)
just letting folks know, yesterday we reached 900 members on our site, oh and i just looked and we are reaching the same number in items listed for sale too.
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5/14/2003 7:55:22 AM
added affiliate sections to main page and tools/links page for our affiliates
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5/14/2003 7:30:06 AM
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I put up some interesting statistics about heatware here for you to see. Just to remind you guys this data as well as the Heatware ratings on our site is refreshed on daily basis.
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