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Sunday, August 24, 2003
KASY0's price/performance
Reported by: Max Page At: 8:18 PM Source: amdmb
'The remarkable thing about KASY0's price/performance is that, while network hardware is often the dominant cost for a system of its size (128 plus 4 spare nodes), less than 11% of the system cost went for the network hardware. The AMD Athlon XP 2600+ processors were more than 35% of the total system cost; memory was 21%. Even more significantly, the network design technology that made this possible can be applied with similar benefit to cluster supercomputers with thousands of nodes. KLAT2's network was the world's first Flat Neighborhood Network; the enhanced version used for KASY0 is the world's first Sparse Flat Neighborhood Network (SFNN). KASY0 also is the first supercomputer to have its physical node and switch placement optimized by a computer program. FNN design technology and tools have been freely available and used by various other groups; so too will the new SFNN technology be freely available.'

Super Silencer 400W PSU
Reported by: Max Page At: 8:18 PM Source: ocaddiction
“I opened up the power supply to get a closer look at the heatsinks and coils. All the heatsinks are aluminum which saves on weight. They are not the largest radiating elements I have seen in a power supply but their design provides a lot of surface area for heat dispersion. most of the weight of the power supply comes from the copper wrapped coils and large capacitors. If you look really closely at the exhaust fan you will see the rubber insulators that are supposed to provide some level of noise cancellation.”

Dual temperature displays
Reported by: Max Page At: 8:18 PM Source: overclockercafe
With its all aluminum construction and blue backlighting, it's a very sleek looking unit. But looks alone cannot detract from its faults. The fact that our review sample had a bad fan control channel is very serious flaw. Also of note is that it would have been nice if Enermax would include some 3 to 4-pin wire converters. To be honest, with the quality that Enermax puts into their power supplies and cases, I was very disappointed in the fan controller.

Sunbeam Acrylic Case Review
Reported by: Max Page At: 8:17 PM Source: cooltechzone
Sunbeam is known for their modding gadgets. They certainly have some really awesome looking things like case fans, cases, lights and other fun stuff. CrazyPC was kind enough to send us Sunbeam’s Acrylic Case. Everyone nowadays wants a cool looking case that they can show off. Well, Sunbeam acrylic case is certainly a piece of art. Let’s see what sets this case apart from the rest of them.

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