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    University of Kentucky Supercomputer breaks $100 per GFLOPS
    Friday, Aug 22 @ 19:33 PDT
    At the University of Kentucky, KASY0, a Linux cluster of 128+4 AMD Athlon XP 2600+ nodes with a theoretical peak of 1 TFLOPS (32-bit) and 531 GFLOPS (64/80-bit), achieved 471 GFLOPS on 32-bit Linpack. At a cost of less than $39,500, that makes it the first supercomputer to break $100/GFLOPS. It also is the new record holder for POV-Ray 3.5 render speed.

    The reason this "Beowulf" is so cost-effective is a new network architecture that achieves high performance using standard hardware: the asymmetric Sparse Flat Neighborhood Network (SFNN).

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