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Fri Aug 29 18:58:41 BST 2003

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2.4.22 kernel released

The latest stable version of the Linux kernel was released on Monday, 
with no changes from the 2.4.22-rc4 release candidate. The changelog 
reveals a long list of tweaks and bugfixes, with participation in 
kernel development seemingly as busy as ever. There has already been 
a 2.4.23-pre1 release with another set of fixes, and the beta version 
of the kernel is up to 2.6.0-test4. 


Motorola Linux phone released

The Linux based Motorola A760 smart phone, announced a while ago, has 
now been released in the Asian market. The software on the device 
includes a Java environment, a PDA suite and a video player. In 
Korea, the MIZI Linux 2.0 distribution, intended as a complete 
operating system plus applications for smart phones has been 
announced, with support for Intel XScale and Samsung processors. The 
distribution is expected to run on all ARM-based processors 


Linux cluster breaks $100 per gigaflop barrier

The KASY0 supercomputer at the University of Kentucky, built from 128 
standard AMD Athlon 2600+ nodes for under US$40,000 has achieved over 
471.5 gigaflops in a benchmark test, bringing the cost per gigaflop 
of processing power down to only $84. At this price/performance 
ratio, the cluster is claimed to beat the previous Beowulf system 
built from Sony Playstation2 machines. Instead of expensive 
specialist network hardware, KASY0 uses standard 100Mb Ethernet. 


SuSE to be bundled with SGI Altix

SGI has announced it will bundle the SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 
distribution on the Altix 3000 platform. SuSE will support the 64 
processor per node configuration available on the Altix, including 
support to SGI customers. The two companies also announced that they 
will be working together on the effort to scale Linux to 128 
processors per node, which they expect to be available in a shipping 
product by next year.


Aegir CMS reaches 1.0

The Aegir content management system project has released version 1.0 
of its software under the GNU GPL licence, which runs on a Midgard 
and Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP platform. Incorporating a Microsoft Word 
compatible content editor, Midgard has now picked up thousands of 
users, including the New Zealand eGovernment site. It can't be a 
coincidence that Aegir now supports the Maori language - that's free 
software flexibility for you.


Lindows releases new client for business

Lindows has released another hardware product - a business version of 
its CD-booting US$169 WebStation machine, which adds a $10 per year, 
per machine web-based remote configuration service. Lindows claims 
the management system will scale from a single box to 5,000 clients. 
The WebStation seems quite similar to the now vanished ThinkNIC - 
perhaps the people at Lindows believe the time is now ripe for the 


Turbolinux joins ODSL

The company behind the Turbolinux distribution has joined the Open 
Source Development Lab, which has facilities in the USA and Japan. 
The not-for-profit ODSL now reckons it has global coverage of the 
Linux community among its members, in addition to its recent 
recruitments of both Linus Torvalds and 2.6 kernel maintainer Andrew 


Echelon distribution makes debut release

Echelon Linux is a new distribution, based on Knoppix, designed to 
monitor and manage your network. Similar in aim to Compledge 
Sentinel, Echelon Linux runs Apache for its web-browser based 
interface. It also includes the Nagios monitoring tool, manages hosts 
and services with Nagat, does intrusion detection with snort and 
ACID, and vulnerability scanning with Nessus. Version 0.1 is now 
available for download as an .iso image. 


More Virgin stations available in Ogg format

Virgin Radio was one of the first mainstream stations to offer 
permanent support for the free software Ogg Vorbis audio format via 
the Icecast streaming media server. Now Virgin has added Ogg support 
to three more of the radio stations it owns - Virgin Classic Rock, 
The Groove and Liquid. The new stations are available at both 
modem-quality 32Kb and broadband 96kb streaming rates. 


Microsoft slashes prices in Thailand

Microsoft's policy of 'one price in all territories' for its software 
is in tatters after the Thai government introduced a low-cost IT 
literacy programme based around Linux machines. Windows used to cost 
five times as much there in real terms as it did in the US, but now 
Thai computer buyers can get a legit bundle of XP and Office for just 
US$40 extra. Needless to say, other Asian governments are now 
thinking about how they can lever such generous discounts from 


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