The above image shows all the components that will go into KASY0, Kentucky ASYmmetric Zero. KASY0 will be a 128+4 Athlon XP cluster built as the world's first Sparse FNN. Like KLAT2, which was the first universal FNN, we expect KASY0 to set a new world record for price/performance. KLAT2 was the first machine to achieve better than 1GFLOPS/$1000; KASY0 should be better than 1GFLOPS/$100.

Want To Help?

It's too late now... but here's the info:

There is no prior experience required. Just let Tim Mattox, Hank Dietz, or Bill Dieter know you'd like to help and come by 672 Anderson Tower anytime Wed., July 16, 2003. We'll provide food and refreshments to anyone helping construct the machine.

In case you were wondering, the reason that we openly invite people to help is not really because we need so much help... we easily could assemble the machine ourselves over a few days. The goal is to give more people, especially students, the experience of having helped to build a state-of-the-art cluster supercomputer. Our group develops the systems technology for cluster supercomputing; the more people we can show how to apply these technologies, the better.

Now that it's past July 16, here's a 10MB animated GIF time-lapse movie of the node assembly process and here's an 18MB animated GIF time-lapse movie of the wiring of the SFNN network.

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