Odie Athlon Cluster

Odie is a 4+1 1000MHz Athlon cluster that is located at the University of Kentucky in the KAOS Lab. It has two networks, a traditional 100-BaseT ethernet (1 NIC/PC + a switch), and an Aggregate Function Network, built from a single PAPERS 960801 module.

Other Facts About Odie...

The PCs were originally donated by AMD in the Fall of 1999 as 600MHz Athlon systems. Odie was first publicly demonstrated at our booth at SC99 where it drove a rear-projection video wall with 4 (+1 spare) color projectors that 3M loaned for the show.

In the Spring of 2000, Odie was used to help design the Flat Neighborhood Network for KLAT2, as well as to prepare optimized benchmark codes for KLAT2. Also, Odie is the temporary "disk and boot server" for KLAT2.

In the Summer of 2000, AMD donated new motherboards and processors to upgrade Odie to Gigahertz Athlons.

The Aggregate. The only thing set in stone is our name.