AIK Assembler Interpreter from Kentucky

AIK is a tool that makes it easy to build assemblers. In fact, the assemblers are interpreted from specifications, making the assembly language and instruction coding development cycle nearly instantaneous. The tool was developed in support of the EE480 course at the University of Kentucky, but is very well suited for use in any computer architecture course or research project in which creation or modification of an instruction set architecture (ISA) is necessary.

Live WWW Form Version Of AIK

Unless the facility is seriously abused, the current "stable" WWW form version of AIK always will be live for anyone to freely use via a link from this page. Currently, the tool is

Note that the live WWW form version includes a very simple example specification and assembly language test program.

Documentation For AIK

Although a paper discussing the pedagogical use of AIK is under review, there is currently only one document about AIK: the manual. The current version of the manual always will be available via a link from this page. The latest version's PDF manual is aliased to, although older versions will continue to be available through the links below.


AIK was created and made freely available by Prof. Hank Dietz as a service to the community.

We have tried to make it correct and useful, but you use it at your own risk.

Source Code

The full source code for AIK is freely available as a gzip tar file: AIK20191030.tgz. AIK was written in C using Antlr MR133 and the CGIC library, each of which is distributed separately. The CGIC library is needed only when creating the WWW form interfaced version, but Antlr is needed to build either the WWW form or command line version.

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