IEEE/ACM SC07 Research Exhibit

This is the home page for our 14th major research exhibit at the IEEE/ACM Supercomputing conference. The exhibit is again under the title Aggregate.Org / University of Kentucky, the informal research consortium led by our KAOS (Compilers, Hardware Architectures, and Operating Systems) group here at the University of Kentucky's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

A time-lapse fisheye movie of our exhibit is available as a 28,451,014 byte MPG file. Camera trouble and a power failure caused most of Tuesday to not be recorded, but it is otherwise a fairly complete record of activity in our research exhibit during show hours.

Work Presented

The most obvious focus was a demonstration of the effectiveness of speculative precision. This was done using four "slot machines" like the one shown above. Here is a movie of one of the slots in action... summing a series of numbers in single, double, and arbitrary precision, and paying off when all three result in the same value to 5 decimal digits.

The very wide range of topics emphasized in our exhibit is summarized in the following white papers, which were distributed from our research exhibit, booth R3043, at SC07:

Physical Exhibit Layout

Much like last year, our research exhibit was positioned at the far end of the aisle -- in this case, the one that runs diagonally through the southernmost room in the exhibit hall.

A DLink DCS 900 with a peephole lens, mounted on the slot machine in the rear left corner of the booth; images are archived here. It was from these images that the exhibit time-lapse movie was constructed.

The Aggregate. The only thing set in stone is our name.