Pentium II Video Wall Cluster

This cluster consists of 32 Pentium II 300MHz PCs with a 6,400x4,800 pixel video wall that is located at Purdue University in the Parallel Processing Lab. It has two networks, a traditional 100-BaseT ethernet (1 NIC/PC + a small switch, and four hubs), and an Aggregate Function Network, built from eleven PAPERS 960801 modules.

Other Facts About the Pentium II cluster...

Before everyone started giving names to their clusters, we had already built several clusters, and just called them either by their size (ex., 32 cluster), or by the kind of CPU (ex., 386 cluster). This cluster was generally just called the 32 cluster since it was our first cluster of that size. It also was our first cluster with a high resolution (greater than digital IMAX) video wall. The PCs and monitors were donated by Intel.

The Aggregate. The only thing set in stone is our name.