Purdue's Parallel Processing Lab

This is where it all started back in mid 1980's with the PASM prototype, and CARP: Compiler-oriented Architecture Research at Purdue. The Parallel Processing Lab (PPL) housed a variety of interesting machines over the years, including a 16,384 processor MasPar MP1. The PPL is located at Purdue University in a pair of rooms, MSEE 212 and 214.

The Purdue ECE Annual Research Summary from 1999 has this page with photos and descriptions of the Parallel Processing Lab facilities.

The PAPERS Project (Purdue's Adapter for Parallel Execution and Rapid Synchronization) was born there in late 1993. The PAPERS group designed and built the first Dynamic Barrier MIMD machine, a Linux PC cluster, in February 1994. At the SC97 conference, "The Aggregate" was formed from researches at several universities, lead by the PAPERS group.

"The Aggregate" machines housed in the PPL

The Aggregate. The only thing set in stone is our name.