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This is the home page for our 24th major research exhibit at the IEEE/ACM Supercomputing conference. The exhibit is again under the slightly changed title University of Kentucky / Aggregate.Org, reflecting the fact that it is now officially led by the Center for Computational Sciences. Of course, the informal research consortium led by our KAOS (Compilers, Hardware Architectures, and Operating Systems) group here at the University of Kentucky's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering still has a large fraction of the materials in the booth. We are booth #943, a 10x20 booth; we're sort-of in the middle of the exhibit hall.

Our 24th Exhibit

As usual, our research exhibit this year will be showing a lot of different things we have developed or are developing... ranging from supercomputer architecture to 3D printing technology and various computational photography things.


We kept handouts to just six topics:

Here's what our booth looks like this year:

3D Printer

3D printing plays a major role in the computational photography work we are doing (for 3D printing custom camera parts), and 3D printing is cool, but we didn't want to risk bringing our MakerGear M2 as airline checked baggage. Thus, we bought and brought a $400 Wanhao I3. Really quite a nice machine... more finished than the M2, and capable of comprable print quality, but at much slower print speeds. We are using it to 3D-print working mechanical NOR gates, which we are handing out at SC17:

The GateRodders 3D-printed mechanical NOR gates that we printed and gave away at SC17 now have their design posted as Thing 2654691.

Group Photos

Here's the Aggregate.Org contingent in our research exhibit. You can see the whole exhibit pretty well here; there were four TVs running presentations in the corners, four back-to-back pull-up posters defining the back of the booth, and two tables in the front. The left one held handouts, the right one had our 3D printer (the Wanhao i3) and two laptops for running the printer and giving demos. From left to right, that's Jong Wu, Paul Eberhart, Clark Demaree, Randy Fisher, and Hank Dietz in front.

Here's proof I occassionally even feed my people....

Here's a photo with all the folks from the University of Kentucky.


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