Bird's Eye View of the Main KAOS Lab, January 9, 2012


To correct the problems in a parallel computer system, you have to first know what the problems really are. This requires a fair selection of computer hardware and software. Further, we often have to build our own hardware and software systems to correct the problems that we find, so we also need fabrication and test facilities.... At the University of Kentucky, all of this is KAOS.

Speaking of chaos, anybody trying to find our facilities on the University of Kentucky's campus will note an interesting array of similar names for different buildings and different names for the same building. Most of this confusion comes from the Ralph G. Anderson Building, abbreviated RGAN (why not RGAB?). As of Fall 2003, the building formerly known as Anderson Hall is now officially F. Paul Anderson Tower, often refered to as Anderson Tower. On campus maps, it is listed by the initials AH or FPAT. RGAN is next to FPAT, and one building further past RGAN is Patterson Office Tower, which has always been abbreviated as POT (not PAT). Oh yeah. We're also quite spread out, from FPAT all the way to the new Davis Marksbury Building, which as of May 2012 officially still is abbreviated as N/A. Ugh. Got it?

In any case, generic directions to UK are here; visitors can park in Parking Structure #5.

Our group's current facilities, all at the University of Kentucky, include:

Facilities No Longer In Operation

The following facilities once played key roles in our work, but are no longer in operation.

The Aggregate. The only thing set in stone is our name.